George Bishop will sue lawyers who overreach or fail to act in the best interest of their clients. He has sued some of the biggest and most prestigious law firms in Texas. He is currently representing clients that hired lawyers to sue manufacturers of transvaginal meshes which have now been outlawed by the FDA. Many of these lawyers never filed suit against the manufacturers of these terrible devices and now are requesting that their clients accept lower settlements than those victims of these devices who had their suits filed in a timely manner. These lawyers are liable to their clients for not filing suit timely in proper courts.

  1. Are you the victim of a now outlawed transvaginal mesh which was manufactured and distributed by medical device companies interested only in profits ?
  2. Did you hire a lawyer to sue the device manufacturer ?
  3. Did your lawyer fail to sue the device manufacturer within the time allowed by your state's statute of limitations ?
  4. Is your lawyer now trying to get you to accept a settlement from the manufacturer which is a great deal less than that lawyer's clients whose suits were filed will receive ?
  5. George Bishop, an experienced attorney in Chappell Hill, Texas is filing suits against lawyers that never filed suits for their clients against transvaginal mesh manufacturers as they represented they would do.
  6. If your lawyer did not sue the transvaginal mesh manufacturer as he or she represented they would do, contact George Bishop at 713-305-5510 for a free consultation.